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Our Community

We know it’s tough living here and raising a family as a traditional Catholic. That’s why at Our Lady of Fatima, we heavily stress and encourage community, including church groups—both educational and social—and promote a family atmosphere amidst the congregation, even if our members live hours apart.

Below is a list of activities that are actively sponsored and supported by Our Lady of Fatima. These groups are nearly always run by lay faithful. For contact information for each group, please contact our chapel’s coordinator at

We look forward to welcoming you into our community.

Holy Name Society

Meets: Monthly


Working with the pastor, the Holy Name Society at Our Lady of Fatima oversees the needs of the faithful as a whole. Having recently acquired a new building to serve as our church, the men in the HNS are working to make the transition smooth as they work out financial details and plan the necessary renovations. Their goals are to honor the Holy Name of Jesus while providing strong leadership for the church by their actions and example.

Archconfraternity of St. Stephen

Training: First Saturdays


Trained servers grow in discipline, responsibility, and devotion as they serve God and His priests during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and other liturgical functions. Multiple ranks inspire these young men to climb ever higher as they serve Our Lord on the altar. The group also enjoys all-day events that include bowling, backyard airsoft, and more.

Altar Society


From linens to flowers, the Altar Society covers it all! This group of women takes care of everything having to do with the altar so that all remains fresh and clean for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. If you wish to contribute to keeping the sanctuary a neat and fit dwelling for Our Lord, we are always accepting new help!


Meets: Every Sunday before the Sung Mass


The Our Lady of Fatima choir sings at every High Mass. Led by our choir and schola director, its repertoire includes a variety of polyphonic music as well as chant. Please contact our coordinators if interested or simply pop into choir practice for a tryout!

Eucharistic Crusaders

Ages: 5-12

Meets: First Saturdays and Third Sundays

Eucharistic Crusaders focus on Mass and Communion. They offer their prayers and sacrifices for a monthly intention of the SSPX Superior General. Fighting to defend God’s Church and Catholic Tradition, the Crusader is truly a little soldier.

Catechism Classes


Taking place every week during the school year, volunteers teach catechism classes for adults, teenagers and children. Topics include sacramental preparation, Bible history studies, and Catholic apologetics. To add to the fun, an apologetics presentation gala takes place every year!


Ascende Young Adults Group

Ages: 18-Married

Meets: Intermittent


Join our young adults group as they hike, pray, kayak, play volleyball, and hang out with Father! Members seek to establish a wholesome tone in which young adults can spend time with their Catholic peers and build a community together. Meetings usually include a fun outdoorsy activity and a talk from Father but can extend to planning events, cleaning the church, and more!


Children of Mary

Ages: 13-18

Meets: First Saturdays and Third Sundays


Founded by Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal through St. Catherine Labouré, the Association of the Children of Mary focuses on developing the spiritual life of our young ladies as they approach womanhood. This group emphasizes the necessity of prayer, meditation, and the Sacraments in our lives while training the girls in womanly conduct. Though the spiritual life is the central focus, members also enjoy many fun activities such as spending time with the Sisters, playing games, singing, and putting on plays!

St. Martha’s Guild


Planning many church functions falls into the capable hands of the ladies in St. Martha’s Guild. Easter, All Hallows Eve, and All Saints’ Day all come with fun for the community. Talent shows, church cleanings, and other events also happen because of the dedicated leadership of these women.

Toastmasters International Gavel Club

Ages: 13-20

Meets: Two or three times a month


This group helps our youth build confidence in speaking and leadership through a rigorous public speaking program. Regular speeches, constructive feedback, and speaking on the spot among other things facilitate members’ growth as they build character and rhetoric skills alongside their peers.

Blue Knights

Ages: 5-12 boys

Meets: First Saturdays


Join the Blue Knights as they explore the lives of the saints, work on virtues, and build fun projects! This group helps young boys establish themselves in their Faith as they develop into young men. We are always in need of a few dads to work in this group with their boys.


Little Flowers

Ages: 5-12 girls

Meets: First Saturdays


Designed for young girls, the Little Flowers group meets to learn about the great women saints of the Catholic Church and also spends time creating beautiful art projects and developing important virtues. Laughter, fun, striving for sainthood go hand in hand as these girls blossom into young women!


Homeschool Group

Meets: Monthly during the school year


From the Grotto to the zoo to the tulip fields, the homeschool group covers a lot of ground as it explores God’s creation on field trips! The homeschool students also have the special privilege of a catechism class from Father before they embark on the adventure of the month. Join our homeschoolers as they learn more about prayer, the saints, and the world around us!


Other Groups


Prayer Crusade for Priests, Church Cleaning Group, St. Gerard’s Young Mothers’ Group and the Men’s Book Club.  If there is a group you would want to see or are interested in starting, please contact our coordinators.

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